Cyclical Changes in the Epithelial Cords of the Ovary of a Microchiropteran Bat, Hipposideros Speoris (Schneider)


  • Nagpur University, Department of Zoology, Nagpur, 440 033, India


The ovaries of Hipposideros speoris were observed throughout the reproductive cycle from July 2001 to 2002. The interstitial cells or so called "epithelial cords" showed variations in their distribution, morphology and association with other ovarian structures. These cords appear to be formed in the ovarian cortex by the transformation of granulosa ceils of primordial follicles and small preantral follicles whose ova regress and disappear. Mostly, these cords were conspicuous, hypertrophied, abundant and in clusters or in zones occupying major portion of the cortex during 4-5 months of gestation and also during lactation period. The accumulation of sudanophilic lipid droplets in these cords suggests their role in steroid biosynthesis, most probably the progestins. An increase in lipid droplets parallels the development of alkaline phosphatase reactivity. The origin and the fate of the cords were not determined but their absence or reduction in number suggests their transformation into stroma during non-pregnancy.


Lipid Droplets, Progestins, Reproductive Cycle of Bat, Epithelial Cords.

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