Effect of Excess Fluoride on Spermatogenesis of Rats with Special Reference to Metaphase


  • Krishnath College, Department of Physiology, Berhampore, India
  • Krishnath College, Department of Zoology, Berhampore, India


The reproductive toxicity of fluoride was studied in male rats. Male rats were exposed to sodium fluoride at a dose 2 mg NaF/100 g body weight per day for 30 days. A significant decrease in body weight and testicular weight was observed. There were 16.6% reduction in metaphase index, significant decrease in DNA content and reduction in diameter of seminiferous tubules of the testis. Zinc and copper content of testis remains unaltered in treated group compared to control group. Histological studies show fewer luminal spermatozoa in the testicular section of treated group.


Reproductive Toxicity, Metaphase Index, Fluoride Toxicity, Zinc.

Subject Discipline

Environmental Sciences

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