Perspective Of Cancer Patients Regarding Dietitian And Role Of Nutrition


  • Chowpatty Medical Centre, Dietitian, Mumbai, India
  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Chief Dietitian, Mumbai, India
  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Sr. Dietitian, Mumbai, India
  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Dietitian, Mumbai, India


Introduction: Nutrition becomes the principle modifiable element in chronic disease conditions with evidence supporting positive and negative effects on the health. Public perception about dietitian is not clear. Doctors are frequently seen as the decision makers. Family doctors are considered suitable as a nutrition information source for diseases in general. The objective o f the study was to understand the perspective of cancer patients regarding dietitian and nutrition. Method: Total 146 cancer patients between 18-60 years age of both the genders were included. The study included newly registered cancer patients with the hospital and patients who followed up with nutrition clinic for at least four times. A structured questionnaire was used to determine three aspects: socio-demographic information, knowledge about role of dietitian, and role of nutrition in cancer. Results: Average time spent by patients to meet dietitian was 2 hours. 52.7% new and 36% of follow up patients didn't know the reason for consulting dietitian. About one fourth patients didn't know the role of a dietitian. There was a significant difference between follow up and new patients about their perception for diet being important for cancer patients/(p=0.04). About 73% of the patients used to consult doctor for diet earlier. Dietitian was considered as the correct source o f nutrition information by 52% of the patients. Conclusion: Patients who consulted dietitian more than once had better perception of dietitian and nutrition compared to the new patients. Patients with higher education preferred dietitians over doctor for nutrition advice.


Nutrition, Nietitian, Cancer, Diet

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