Efficacy Of Oral Glutamine Supplementation For Prevention Of Mucositis Associated With Beam Conditioning In Bone Marrow Transplant



Glutamine, Beam, Mucositis, Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant


Objective: To Determine Whether Oral Glutamine Supplementation Reduces The Grade Of Oral Mucositis In Autologous Bmt With Beam Conditioning Chemotherapy. Methodology: 28 Consecutive Patients Of Autologous Transplant Receiving Beam Conditioning Are Equally Divided In 2 Groups 14 Patients In Each Group. Glutamine Supplementation Of 20g/day Dissolved In 200ml Water Was Given To The Study Group Patients Twice A Day From Post Transplant Day +1 To Day+23 And The Grading Of Oral Mucositis And Diarrhea For Both The Study And Control Groups Was Tabulated Daily According To Who Scale Of Grading For Oral Mucositis. Results: the Study And The Control Groups Were Clinically Similar. The Incidence Of Grade 2 4 Mucositis Is Significantly Less In The Study Group (p = 0.006). Diarrhea Wasn't Statistically Significant Between The Study And The Control Groups ( P =0.866). Conclusion: Patients Receiving Oral Glutamine Supplementation After Bone Marrow Transplant Had Significantly Lesser Grade Of Oral Mucositis And Related Morbidity.


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