A Review On Hepato Protective Action Of Acacia nilotica (gum)


  • Lifestyle Moderator, Nutrition Advisor, Food and Nutrition(CU), India
  • Lifestyle Moderator, Nutrition Advisor, Neuromedicine, India


The potential biological function of Acacia nilotica have long been described in traditional system of medicine, Acacia nilotica gum is an exudate obtained from stems and branches of Acacia nilotica tree. It is a natural, water soluble hydrocolloid which has been claimed to possess several physiological, nutritional and therapeutic beneficial properties with special emphasis on hepatoprotective action due to the presence of various bioactive phytochemicals. The hepatoprotective action of Acacia nilotica gum can prove to be a pathbreaking discovery in the world of traditional medicine and can significantly relieve the overburdened modern medicine of its huge disease load. The present study undoubtedly provides a proof that hepatoprotective action of A .nilotica gum is a reality.


Acacia nilotica, Phytochemicals, Hepatoprotective action

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