Development of value added Multi-Grain Flour Biscuits for School Age Children


  • Varta Health Care, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


The school age (6-12 years) period has been called the latent time of growth as the rate of growth slows and body changes occur gradually. A well balanced diet is needed during this time. Patterns of eating have a significant influence on health and well-being. An attempt has been made in the present study to develop biscuits from two combinations of Multi Grain Flours (MGFs), and carry out their value addition by incorporating dry carrot and coconut powders. The MGF were in varied proportions ranging from 5% to 25% Evaluation of various sensory attributes revealed that biscuit having Wheat flour, Barley flour and Ragi flour in proportion of (70: 15: 15) in A2 combination of flours and B2 combination of flours of Wheat Flour, Barley Flour, Pearl Millet of (70: 15: 15) was found to be most acceptable. Value addition of these biscuits (A2 and B2) was done by incorporating carrot and coconut powders. On sensory evaluation A2CC2 and B2CC2 variations were found to be the best which had carrot powder 5 % and coconut powder 5%. A2CC2 biscuit revealed higher values for protein(9.5g ± 0.92), fat (6.9g ± 0.1), carbohydrate (61.5g ± 7.21), calcium (115mg ± 4.9) and iron (5.0mg ± 0.11) per 100 g. The biscuit B2CC2 revealed higher values for protein (10 g ± 1.12), fat (7.0g ± 0.57), carbohydrate (58.5g ±4.29), iron(4.2mg ± 0.06) per 100 g. The cost calculated for the most acceptable value added biscuits, having code A2CC2 was Rs.16.48 per 100g and that of B2CC2 was Rs.15.58 per 100g.


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