Quenching Time of the Solution of a Semilinear Heat Equation in a Large Domain


  • Institut National Polytechnique, Houphout-Boigny De Yamoussoukro, Yamoussoukro, 1093, Côte d'Ivoire
  • Universit D'Abobo-Adjam, Departement De Mathma-Tiques et Informatiques, Abidjan, 16 Bp 372, Côte d'Ivoire


In this paper, we consider a semilinear heat equation with Dirichlet boundary equation in a bounded domain. Under some assumptions, we show that the solution of the above problem quenches in a finite time and its quenching time goes to that of the solution of a certain differential equation when the size of the domain tends to infinity. Finally, we give some numerical experiments to illustrate our analysis.


Quenching, Finite Difference, Semilinear Heat Equation, Numerical Quenching Time, Convergence.

Subject Discipline

Mathematical Sciences

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