On Generalized Lagrange Spaces and Corresponding Lagrange Spaces Arising from a Generalized Finsler Space


  • B.R.D.P.G. College, Department of Mathematics, Uttar Pradesh, 274001, India


The purpose of the present paper is to study the geometrical properties of a generalized Lagrange space Ln with metric Lgij (x,y) = gij (x,y)+(1/c2)yiyj and to find the relations among metric tensors, angular metric tensors, Cartan tensors of generalized Lagrange space Ln, corresponding Lagrange space L*n, generalized Finsler space Fn and associated Finsler space F*n, where gij (x,y) be metric tensor of a generalized Finsler space and yi = gij (x,y)yj. Moreover the concept of C-reducibility has been introduced in Lagrange and generalized Lagrange spaces.


Finsler Space, Lagrange Space, Generalized Lagrange Space.

Subject Discipline

Mathematical Sciences

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