Influence of Temperature on Tribological Behaviour of Dual Reinforced Aluminium MMCs


The aim of this study is to explore the sliding wear behaviour of aluminium alloy LM 25, Al/10 wt.% fly ash (FA) composite, AA/10 wt.% steel particles (SP) composites and AA/5wt.% FA/5 wt.% SP hybrid composites with respect to load, velocity and pin temperature conditions employing a pin on disc friction and wear machine. The wear characteristics such as coefficient of friction and wear loss are considered for the study. Results raveled that the wear loss of Al alloy and composites increases when the pin temperature was increased. Wear loss of Al/SP composite was lower than that of Al/FA composite. However Al/FA/SP hybrid composites exhibited superior wear resistance compared to Al alloy, Al/FA and Al/SP composites. It is obvious that the inclusion of the dual reinforcements such as FA and SP into the Al alloy increases the wear resistance as compared to single reinforced AMCs such as AL/FA and AL/SP composites.


Aluminium Alloy LM 25 Coefficient of Friction, Fly Ash, Hybrid Composites, Steel Particles, Wear Loss.

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