Solid Waste Management in Urban Mines Based on Resource Reutilization Mode of Cleaner Production


Tailing-cement filling is used in Laixin iron mine for improved protection of the Earth’s surface, prevention of surface collapse, and sustainable development. The tailing is composed of over 40% particles with a diameter of –20 ï­m and is thus classified as extremely fine tailing. A proportioning test proves that the tailing is difficult to combine with cement. However, using cementation powder as the filling additive can significantly improve strength, and the rock stratum is steadily supported. The filling slurry is prepared as follows: tailing filter cakes are mixed with tailing slurry, and a slurry is produced from the mixture by using a compressor before placing sand in pipelines. The filling slurry exhibits stable properties and superior strength and can be used in industrial applications. In this study, the tailings of fine particles are used as backfill materials to fill the goaf, and this usage effectively solves the problem of tailing disposal. The solution ensures safe and efficient mining of urban mines and helps protect the ecosystem and lithic drainage. Furthermore, it helps achieve friendly development among mines, cities, and the ecosystem.


Solid Waste Management, Lithic Drainage, Environmental Protection, Urban Mines, Goaf.

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