Issues of Mining Industry in China: Emerging Scenario


The Chinese mining industry basically is coal-oriented. Besides coal China is leading producer of gold and a few rare earth minerals. Coal forming patterns and various mining conditions are the basis of research works that are strengthening the multi-faceted phenomena in the current status of Chinese coal mining industry. Mining industries have made huge contributions to China’s socio-economic development and the current mining practices in the country deal with the interests and concerns of local communities thereby reflecting high rate of economic growth. Coal consumption in the country has increased to meet escalating demand for industrial production and also for power generation. However, China is still importing coal to meet its high demand.

The pot pourri of papers in the special issue of the Journal provide comprehensive research works through field works and present the importance of various mining areas. Hopefully, this special issue should provide an insight and some food for thought for the discerning readers of the Journal.

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