Influence and Control Effect of Drawing Speed on Mining-Induced Fractures “O†form Circle's Fully Mechanized Surface


Based on the theory of key stratum in ground control, a theoretical model is established in which the governing equation of the “O†form circle is exported and a 2D model of the mining-induced fractures “O†form circle is established. Based on the geological conditions of the Yuelt Coal Mine of the Panj Group, a numerical simulation study of the mining-induced fracture “O†form circle is carried out by Ansys. According to the conclusion, the range of the mining-induced fracture “O†form circle decreases with the advancing speed of the working surface and the development of the gas channel. Therefore, the design parameters of high drilling are optimized with the higher working surface drawing speed and the “O†form ring development degree decline, and a high drilling gas drainage test is carried out in Yuelt Coal Mine No.131015's working surface. The experimental results show that the optimization of the high drilling parameters is reasonable, and also confirms the influence and control effect of the drawing speed on the mining-induced fractures “O†form circle.


Mining-Induced Fractures “O†Form Circle, Drawing Speed, High Drilling, Gas Drainage.

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