Distribution of Iron Oxide in Different Size Fractions of Kusmunda Coals, Korba Coalfield


The variation of iron oxide in different size consists of a bulk coal sample from Kusmunda area, Korba coalfield has been studied in details. The +25 mm material representing 54.9 per cent of the bulk coal retains 47.2 per cent of total iron oxide in bulk coal ash inclusion of -0.5 mm fines increases iron oxide to 61.1 per cent of the bulk coal ash. Incorporating 25-13mm, 13-6mm,6-3 mm and 3-0.5 mm finer coals further increases iron oxide in the constituted samples to 69.4, 81.9 and 87.3 per cent of total oxide in bulk coal ash. This results in depletion of iron oxide in coal ash of finer constituted samples which now analyze 38.9, 30.6, 18.1 and 12.5 per cent iron oxide of the bulk coal ash respectively.


Ash Constituents, Iron Oxide.

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