Importance Of Blast-Design in Reduction of Blast-Induced Ground Vibrations


  • Dept. of Mining Engg., CTAE, MPUAT, Udaipur
  • Dept. of Mining Engg., IIT/ISM, Dhanbad



Blast-Induced Vibrations, Scaled Distance, Peak Particle Velocity, Seismograph.


The dissipated energy generated during blasting creates environmental problems in the form of ground vibration, air overpressure and flyrock. With increasing mining and construction activities in areas close to human settlements, ground vibration has become a critical environmental issue as it can cause human annoyance and structural damage. The magnitude of ground movement was measured in term of peak particle velocity (PPV) with the aid of seismograph. Site constant K, and site geological factor m were determined for both quarries by plotting the graph of the maximum PPV against scaled distance. The data collected for the blasting activities in each of the quarry sites have shown that the peak particle velocities (PPV) recorded varied directly with the charge weight per delay but inversely with scaled distance (SD). A comparative analysis between the results obtained for constant charge per delay and monitoring distance were carried out.




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Karkar, H. P., & Arora, R. (2017). Importance Of Blast-Design in Reduction of Blast-Induced Ground Vibrations. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 65(6), 381–384.