Lithology Prediction and Pore Fluid Detection of Tight Sandstone Reservoir


Sulige gasfield in Ordos basin develops typical tight sandstone reservoirs with low porosity, low permeability and low pressure, and it is difficult to predict effective reservoirs by post-stack seismic techniques, so the key point for its seismic prediction is to detect effective reservoirs by pre-stack technology. Based on accurate geological structure and petrol physical analysis, first, we applied seismic waveform cluster technology, constrained by good loggings, in order to classify seismic phases and qualitatively predict formation structures. Then we used cross plot of P-wave and S-wave impedance to predict sandstone formation with great thickness, and used cross plot of elastic parameters from pre-stack joint inversion to predict effective reservoirs (gas-bearing layers). This technology is applied to determine well location and effectively guide well trajectory in addition with 3D visualization technology. This approach has achieved to quantitatively predict gas reservoirs compared to qualitative prediction before.


Tight Sandstone, Pre-Stack, Effective Reservoir, S-Wave Impedance: Poison’s Ratio.

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