Study on Optimization of Hydraulic Cutting Nozzle and Application


Based on the theory of hydrodynamics, a mathematical model of nozzle water jet flow field in hydraulic cutting is established. By numerical simulation for FLUENT software, the effects of nozzle convergence angle, nozzle outlet diameter and cylindrical section length on water jet flow impact is obtained and analyzed. At the same time, a mathematical model of the nozzle outlet velocity is deduced by the simulation results. Furthermore choose optimization of nozzle parameters in the field test, which its convergence angle is 13°, convergence segment length is 10 mm, cylindrical section length is 8 mm and nozzle outlet diameter is 2 mm. Application and testing in coal mine show that this nozzle has the best comprehensive effect in hydraulic cutting field test and improve gas extraction efficiency .


Hydraulic Cutting, Water Jet Flow Field, Optimization of Nozzle Parameters, Mathematical Model, Gas Extraction.

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