Radial Basis Function Supported Implicit Geological Modelling Tool for Mining Industry


Geological modelling of a deposit is the most crucial task being accomplished post exploration campaign. A geologically constrained ore body model has long been hailed as vital for a mineral resource statement. The accuracy of geological model depends upon the correct interpolation of ore and waste interfaces from the exploration database. Traditionally, manual digitization is being followed for delineation of ore and waste interfaces during the process of creating geological model which is quite time consuming and relies heavily upon the concepts of experienced modeller who is involved in the process. With the recent advances in fast scattered data interpolation methods, the construction of the geological surfaces using volume functions is now a practical alternative to traditional modelling process. The interpolated surfaces contained in the volume function is not explicitly defined or digitized rather it is generated through the radial basis functions implicitly, thus the process is called implicit modelling. In this present paper, the concepts of implicit geological modelling technique are addressed and radial basis function which is being used as spatial interpolation technique for implicit modelling process also elaborated. Finally the benefits of implementing the implicit modelling to the resource modelling exercise are highilighted.


Geological Modelling, Implicit, Radial Basis Functions.

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