Research on determining reasonable negative pressure based on the control of the goaf


  • North China University of Science and Technology, College of Mining Engineering, Tangshan, 063009, China


In order to study the law of spontaneous combustion in goaf under the condition of gas extraction, the method of beam tube monitoring and numerical analysis is adopted to obtain three dimensional distribution of oxygen concentration and contour map under the condition of different negative pressure. Based on the way of regression analysis, reasonable negative pressure are determined. The results show that with the increase of negative pressure, the spontaneous combustion “three-zone†in goaf: the heat dissipation zone and the spontaneous combustion zone become wider and the suffocation zone narrows. At the same time, the trend of spontaneous combustion zone presents to the deep part of the goaf; the amount of gas extraction increases first and then decreases with the increase of negative pressure. Combined with the trend of spontaneous combustion zone and the amount of gas extraction in goaf, and the reasonable negative pressure value is 32kpa and verified.


Gas-drainage; spontaneous combustion in goaf; regression analysis; negative pressure

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