Analysis on the influence of sinusoidal wind on the structure of pumping unit based on dynamics of solid-fluid interaction




Wind load, beam pumping unit, dynamics of solid-fluid interaction, hidden danger


China National Petroleum Corporation Dingbian oilfield is located in the wind field area of the beam pumping unit affected by the wind load, occurred several pumping unit bracket bending, beam fracturing, horsehead off and horsehead drop and other serious accidents, endanger the equipment and personnel safety. However, there is little research on the influence of beam pumping unit under wind load. Based on the dynamics of solid-fluid interaction theory and the standard k-ï¥ turbulence model, this paper calculated the polished rod load range of the pumping unit according to the actual working condition of Dingbian oilfield, and established the CYJ10-4.2-53 numerical model of wind field. Under the sinusoidal variable wind speed conditions, the stress and deformation of the beam loader with different sizes of wind load on the beam loader were compared to those of the different sorts. The stress and deformation of the two different types of pumping unit were compared under the wind load. The results show that under the influence of wind load, the rig of the pumping unit bracket has a serious bending deformation, and the safety risk of the front end of the horsehead along the wind load is deformed. When the wind speed reaches 24.48m/s, the horsehead and barcket's offset is the largest to the top dead point by the wind load, The minimum impact is affected by the wind load at the bottom dead center, The maximum offset of the horsehead and the bracket reached 8.5 mm and 2.16 mm. The research work of this paper provides a scientific basis for the improvement of safety structure for pumping unit in the wind field area.


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Liang, Z., Zhao, L.- ming, & Tan, L.- qin. (2021). Analysis on the influence of sinusoidal wind on the structure of pumping unit based on dynamics of solid-fluid interaction. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 69(5), 165–172.