Effect of graphene nanoparticles on engine operated using simarouba

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Simarouba oil, graphene, performance, combustion, emissions


In the present study, simarouba biodiesel suspended with graphene nano particles was prepared. Prepared combination is mixed with diesel to form test samples. Ultraviolet–visible (UV-V) spectrometry was used for characterizing the dispersion. Tests were carried out on a single-cylinder, water-cooled and computerized 4-stroke diesel engine. Graphene nanoparticles are dosed with three different levels 20-60ppm in the step of 20ppm. Use of nano particles results in increasing brake thermal efficiency (BTE) by 9.1% with noticeable reduction in various emissions like carbon monoxide (CO) by 42.9%, hydrocarbons (HC) by 15.4% and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by 12.7%. A better result was obtained for 20% blended fuel with 40ppm of nano particle. Further increase in suspension rate of graphene nanoparticles resulted in reduction in combustion characters by increasing ignition delay. Similar trends were observed at all operating loads.


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Keerthi Kumar, N., Telgane, V., Kiran, M. D., & Pavan Kumar, B. K. (2022). Effect of graphene nanoparticles on engine operated using simarouba. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 69(12A), 62–66. https://doi.org/10.18311/jmmf/2021/30096



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