Investigation on thermal stability and adhesion property of chitosan based biodegradable composite

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Chitosan, TGA, peel test, biodegradable polymer, natural fibers


Developing a biodegradable polymer composite by using chitosan as matrix and natural fiber as reinforcement plays a vital role in order to increase mechanical properties. Chitosan has been exploited for its mucoadhesvie property which has tremendous biomedical applications in order to explore the mechanical and thermal capability. This study initialized with manufacturing of chitosan-based composite with three different natural fibers namely banana, coir, and sisal. The results of the incorporation of natural fibers with chitosan on the strength of composite blends were investigated. Further the prepared sample undergone Thermo gravimetric analysis and peel test to evaluate their thermal stability and adhesive property. The results indicate that the chitosan improves the thermal property of composites, whereas the increasing percentage of chitosan in peel test sample gets saturated hence the adhesive property gets deteriorate.


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K P, P., L, Y., B K, V., S, S., Hanumantharaju, H. G., & N, V. (2022). Investigation on thermal stability and adhesion property of chitosan based biodegradable composite. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 69(12A), 290–295.
Received 2022-04-28
Accepted 2022-04-28
Published 2022-04-28



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