Numerical Analysis of High Wall and Dumps Slope Stability


  • D. Kotaiah Department of Mining Engineering, UCE (KU), Kothagudem, Paloncha – 507115, Telangana
  • Ravi Kiran Department of Mining Engineering, UCE (KU), Kothagudem, Paloncha – 507115, Telangana



Slope, High Wall, Dumps, Slope Stability, GALENA.


Slope stability is one of the major concerns in the field of mining and civil engineering. There were numerous cases of slope failures being reported in a year all over the world, and the process of understanding the rocks or soil forming these slopes was still being a puzzle due to their dynamic anisotropic behaviour. This study mainly focuses on understanding the influence of different parameters of Slope Stability and designing the models of slope stability along with the different sections and monitoring of Highwall and Dumps (Internal and External) using Galena Software.


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Kotaiah, D., & Kiran, R. (2022). Numerical Analysis of High Wall and Dumps Slope Stability. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 70(6), 288–297.