Performance and Comparison of Coated and Uncoated Tool Inserts in Machining of C45 Steel

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  • JSS STU, SJCE, Mysuru 570006, Karnataka
  • CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore 560066
  • CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore 560066
  • CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore 560066
  • CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore 560066



C45 Steel, Temperature, Wear Surface and SEM T.


Using coated and uncoated tool inserts, the machining operation is carried out on C45 steelto analyze and compare the tool performance. A study was done on C45 steel, its carboncontent ranges from 0.40 to 0.50 percent.C45 steel has traces of molybdenum, silicon,silicon dioxide, manganese, and phosphorus. In this work, comparison was made betweencoated and uncoated tool inserts for different samples of C45 steel which is having Sulphurand Phosphorus of varying percentage. As samples were obtained, they were converted tothe desired diameter and examined at various feed rates (0.125, 0.175, and 0.225 mm/min),cutting speeds (11.0, 15.58, and 19.47 m/min), and cut depth (0.5, 1and 1.5mm). Wear andtool tip temperature were looked at and contrasted. Findings indicated that the coated toolinserts used for machining has a good and better properties compared to uncoated toolinserts. Therefore, these traces in a small enough quantity produce superior outcomes.Additionally, the behavior of the material andhow it affected thecharacteristics ofthetooland work sample wereexaminedUsingSEMand EnergyDispersiveX-Ray analysis.



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