Value Stream Mapping- Tool to Optimize the Process

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  • School of Mechanical Engineering, REVA University, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560064



Value Stream, Current Stream Mapping (VSM), Future State Mapping, Cycle Time, Lean Manufacturing, Simulation.


Value Stream Mapping is known for identifying and eliminating or streamlining non-value-adding activities in manufacturing, production, and business processes. To depict the current status of the operation, a flow diagram depicting the process is drawn. Non-value actions are detected by their waste of time and resources in each step and between each phase. With the use of simulation tools, the process is examined for the possibility of dramatically reducing and simplifying it to the bare minimum of steps. The fraction of value-adding time in the overall process increases when waste is reduced, and the process throughput speed improves. This improves the effectiveness (the right things are done) and efficiency of the revised process (needing fewer resources). With the use of Arena simulation software, this study illustrates how to use corrective procedures in the die casting sector to eliminate non-value added tasks. The future state of the reengineered process is flow charted, with process stages and information flows reworked, simplified, and made less expensive, as well as increased productivity.



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