Experimental Study of Polymer Matrix Composites using Polyester, HEMP and Calcium Silicate.

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  • Research Scholar, VTU, CPGS.Muddenahalli, Chikkaballapur.




The present study deals with the preparation of polymer matrix composites with polyester resin as matrix and hemp as reinforced material and calcium silicate as filler particles’. The calcium silicate is available in powder form and it is known that, filler particle increases the mechanical properties of polymer matrix composites. In this project work the different percentage of calcium silicate is added in polyester resin to improve its hardness, strength and also mechanical properties of polyester resin. The objective of this project is to prepare PMCs using calcium silicate, hemp fibre and polyester resin using hand lay-up technique as per ASTM standards. In this project work, PMCs are prepared by varying three composition i.e. 2% CaSiO 3 + 5% hemp, and 93% polyester resin, 4% CaSiO3, 10% hemp and 86% polyester resin and 6% CaSiO 3, 15% hemp and 79% polyester resin. The experimental test will be carried on prepared PMCs and find out the different mechanical characteristics such as tensile strength, compression strength, flexural strength and also to study the dynamic behaviour of PMCs by using damping test with experimental set up.



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