Stability of Continuous Miner Workings Using Numerical Modelling Approach

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  • Assistant Professor and Head Department of Mining Engineering, Kakatiya University, University of Engineering, Kothagudem 507101 ,IN


Pillar, roadway, ribs, fender, displacement, principal stress, safety factor


Continuous miner technology is one of the mass mining technologies suited for exploitation of deep coal deposits. This method requires less investment and ensures more productivity. This method provides more roof exposure in the form of slices and leaves the small ribs between slices during depillaring operation which may lead to roof fall, side fall and ribs failure. In order to avoid the accidents due to roof, side falls and failure of ribs, the stability analysis of continuous workings is to be performed. In this study, a three dimensional finite analysis is performed for the continuous miner panel. In the continuous miner panel, dip most pillar is depillared and nearby pillar is under splitting condition. The vertical displacements due to this operation are estimated in the working as well as on the surface. The safety factors of ribs are also estimated using HoekBrown rock mass failure envelope.


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