Programming for Sustainable Mining Projects

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Many new and reorganized projects from existing mines have to be made profitable by methods and system study with techno-economic analysis. The author has developed about 14 computerized data-based models on field investigations in a coal company with methods which can be fruitful for planning, scheduling and monitoring for the benefit of the mining industry. Based on field investigations, prevalent cost data, projected cost-benefits have been determined with computer programming models. Advanced management methods have been applied as formidable problems are there for standardization, because of differing mining methods, depending on the type of reserve. Based on field investigations, prevalent cost data, projected cost-benefits have been determined with computer programming models. The researcher has developed about 14 computerized data-based models on field investigations in a coal company. Methods are found fruitful for planning, scheduling and monitoring for sustainable mining industry. This paper has attempted to find innovative techno-economic solutions for continued viability in mining industry with model programmes. Researchers have studied more than 300 scheduling, project, portfolio related software and developed his own programme.


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