Investigations on IC Engine Piston Ring made of Composite Materials

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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, SGSITS, Indore, M.P. ,IN
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, SGSITS, Indore, M.P. ,IN
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, SGSITS, Indore, M.P. ,IN



Piston Ring, Finite Element Analysis, SiC Reinforced ZrB2, A360, A2618.


This paper is respecting the evaluation of stress distribution on IC engine (four-stroke) piston ring and analysis of finite element by using FEA software. The purpose of this analysis is to calculate strain for SiC reinforced ZrB2, A360, A2618 and deformation resulting through ring elastic pressure and gas pressure. The total deformation and strain on the piston ring have been obtained in this project. The characteristics of such vibrations are analyzed with the help of solid works software and analysis of finite element is performed on the Ansys workbench software. The material used is Silicon Carbide reinforced Zirconium Diboride (SiC reinforced ZrB2), Aluminium alloy (A360), Aluminium alloy (A2618). This is a ceramic matrix composite (CMC) which has good safety factor and lower cost. The experiment is conducted on three types of composites to evaluate the strain on SiC reinforced ZrB2, A360, A2618 resulting from the total deformation and strain. Compressive strength has also been analyzed for the structural model of the piston ring.


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Gupta, A., Atulkar, A., & Porwal, R. (2022). Investigations on IC Engine Piston Ring made of Composite Materials. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 70(8A), 1–7.






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