Design and Fabrication of Multi-Utility Spraying UAV

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  • Aeronautical Department, MITE Moodabidri ,IN
  • Aeronautical Department, MITE Moodabidri ,IN
  • AE Department, MITE Moodabidri ,IN
  • AE Department, MITE Moodabidri ,IN
  • AE Department, MITE Moodabidri ,IN
  • AE Department, MITE Moodabidri ,IN



Autonomous Agricultural Drone, Spraying Pesticides, Aerial Mapping, Crop Health Monitoring.


Spraying of pesticides manually causes many side effects to individuals life. The exposure can cause many health effects. In the current study an agriculture drone is designed and fabricated for mapping an agricultural field, spraying pesticides and monitoring crop health. This UAV reduces the time and labor cost. The Agri drone is capable of mapping agricultural field of different terrains and spray pesticides for different kinds of plants as per requirementin autonomous mode via an Agri Assistant software.The UAV is tested for its range & endurance and has a flight time of about 13 minutes. The UAV is also capable of eliminating 90% of pesticides by effective spraying. Such UAVs are useful for various purposes other than agricultural spraying such as mapping and sanitization.


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Praneeth, H. R., Patil, S., Dhanush, D., Manoj, A. M., Gowda, P. B., & Kardigudi, R. M. (2022). Design and Fabrication of Multi-Utility Spraying UAV. Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels, 70(8A), 155–160.






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