Experimental Investigation of InTube Condensation of HFO-1234yf

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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore, Karnataka
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore, Karnataka
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysore, Karnataka




In-tube condensation, Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC), R1234yf.


An increase in global warming potential and other environmental concerns are demanding new environmentally friendly refrigerants. For effective performance of refrigeration and air conditioning system condenser design play a vital role. Experiments were conducted to study the condensation of R1234yf refrigerant inside a copper tube of 8.4 mm in diameter and 750 mm in length. The heat transfer coefficients of refrigerant were calculated against mass flux varying from 150–300 kg/m2 s, quality of refrigerant 0.3 to 0.8, and saturated temperature 30 and 500 C. The experimental heat transfer coefficients were compared to the heat transfer coefficients by the recent MM Sha correlation. The experimental results are in good agreement with an absolute mean deviation of nearly 20% with the MM Sha heat transfer coefficient.



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