Phytochemical Investigation and Immunomodulatory Activity of Lagenaria siceraria Fruits


  • Saurashtra University, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rajkot, 360005, India


An attempt has been made to assess the immunomodulatory activity of methanolic extract of Lagenaria siceraria fruits at three dose levels ranging from 100-500 mg/kg body weight in rats using haemagglutination antibody titre, in vivo phagocytosis and cyclophosphamide-induced myelosuppression. Methanolic extract increased haemagglutination antibody titre and carbon clearance significantly. It also prevented myelosuppression in rats treated with immunosuppressive drug-cyclophosphamide. A significant increase in white blood cell count was observed in methanolic extract - treated rats as compared with cyclophosphamide treatment alone. Methanolic extract and its different fractions were also tested phytochemically. It is concluded that Lagenaria siceraria fruits possess immunomodulatory activity.


Myelosuppression, Immunomodulation, Lagenaria siceraria, Phytochemical Screening.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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