Iatrogenic Effects of Removable Orthodontic Appliances


  • Subharti Dental College, Department of Periodontics, Meerut, India
  • Government of Dental College & Hospital, Nagpur, Department of Periodontics, India


Undesir able effects that occur during orthodontic treatment can be attributed to a lack of understanding of physics involved and individual variations in biologic response. A proper insight into the biomechanical principles underlying orthodontic appliance therapy is indispensable for executing efficient orthodontic treatment. While designing, one of the aspects that is frequently neglected is the direction of force applied (vector) on the teeth by active components. Knowledge of vector s would help a dentist decide the placement of active components and thereby foresee the results obtainable. Through these case reports it is emphasized that every step of removable appliance therapy should be carefully monitored by an experienced clinician himself and if iatrogenics arise, then its recognition and rectification is mandatory.


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