Perforating Internal Resorption: Review and Case Reports


  • Modern Dental College & Research Centre, Indore, India


Tooth resorption is a common sequalae following injuries to or irritation of the periodontal ligament/or tooth pulp. Pathological process like internal resorption pose technical difficulties for the thorough cleaning & obturation of the root canal. Due to many complex irregularities it is impossible to determine the complete anatomical extent of the internal resorption either clinically or radiographically. When internal resorption progresses through the tooth into the peroiodontium there are additional problems of periodontal bleeding, pain & difficulty in obturation. These cases of operforating internal resorption can be treated by a nonsurgical or surgical approach. The purpose of this paper is to report 2 cases of perforating internal resorption where one case was treated nonsurgically using MTA for sealing the perforation. The 2nd case required a surgical approach & the perforation defect was sealed with glass ionomer cement. Finally obturation was carried out using Thermoplasticized gutta percha.


Inertnal Resorption, Thermoplasticized Gutta Percha, MTA

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