Coronoradicular Reconstruction and Restoration with Man Made Dentin


  • K. D. Dental College & Hospital, Mathura, India


Endodontically treated anterior teeth having flared, oversized root canals with thin walls require coronoradicular reconstruction for a successful treatment outcome. A relatively new and innovative technique of coronoradicular reconstruction utilizing the reinforcing restorative material glass ionomer cement is presented. This new and innovative technique will provide clinician a foresight while dealing with cases of coronoradicular rehabilitation and reconstruction. The adhesive nature of GIC, improved strength & biocompatibility have provided clinician with this unique option while dealing with these complicated cases in a simplified and uncomplicated manner. The technique with GIC is based on a scientific premise and is an addition to the present techniques but not a substitute. This technique is a beginning and require more of clinical research to become regular and recognized procedure.


Coronoradicular, Reconstruction, GIC

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