Maxillary Obturator with Eye Prosthesis Retained by Rare Earth Magnet


  • Modern Dental College & Research Centre, Indore, Department of Prosthodontics, India


Face is not only the index of mind but it is an impact, a total personification of one's ability and a passport to success. We are aware of the charisma of an attractive face and rejection of a mutilated face by the society. 40% of all carcinomas in India have been reported to be oral cancer. The inevitable mutilation that follows the radical surgery leaves the patient physically and psychologically crippled. Rehabilitating these patients with maxillofacial prosthesis to bring them back to mainstream of society is the main responsibility of the prosthodontist particularly in developing country like India where large number of patients remain untreated or partially rehabilitated because of the lack of facilities, expertise and finances.


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