Surgical Management of a Palatal Radicular Groove and an Associated Periodontal Lesion in a Maxillary lateral Incisor


  • K. D. Dental College & Hospital, Mathura, India


The presence of a palatal-radicular groove (PRG), more frequently observed at the level of the upper lateral incisors, may compromise both the radicular pulp and the periodontium leading to endodontic-periodontal lesions. Frequently, the prognosis of such cases is compromised because of the missed diagnosis or because of the complex therapeutic approach that is necessary to cure the associated pathologies. The authors have presented a clinical case of a palata l-radicular groove on a non-vital maxillary lateral Incisor with associated localized periodontal disease. The general clinician's initial diagnosis was incorrect; this led to incomplete treatment and subsequent failure of the treatment. Subsequent retreatment was carried out for failed root canal treatment followed by surgical management of palatal-radicular groove.


Palatal Radicular Groove, Maxillary Lateral Incisor, Surgical, GIC

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