No Anchor Loss with Altered force Application - A Case Report


  • Subharti Dental College, Department of Orthodontics, Meerut, Delhi, India


Orthodontic anchorage is simply defined as the ability to limit the movement of some teeth while achieving the desired movement of other teeth. However, orthodontists have been striving for the most appropriate methods & appliances to achieve this goal. The present case is of a 30 yrs old male patient having bimaxillary Protrusion, Class I molar relationship and was treated using lingual force application rather than conventional buccal force application. Zero anchorage loss was achieved by lingual force without using any extra or intra oral devices. The biomechanics employed for lingual force application is described to achieve the desired anchorage control.


Anchorage, Blmaxillary protrusion, Force applications

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