Solubilization in Mixed Surfactant Reverse Micellar Systems


  • Panjab University, Department of Chemistry, Chandigarh, 160014, India


Solubilization of water in cationic + non-ionic and anionic + non-ionic mixed surfactant reverse micellar systems has been studied. Solubilization capacity increased significantly on mixing cationic/anionic sufactants with non-ionic surfactants. For each surfactant system there is an optimum ratio in which the two surfactants must be mixed to enhance their water solubilization capacity to maximum. Conductivity measurements showed that the percolation threshold point was a function of the composition of mixed micelles. Near infrared spectra of solubilized water showed broad band at 1930-1940 nm.


Solubilization, Water, Alcohol-Free, Mixed Micelles.

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