Radiation Modification of Dispersed Oxides in the Region of Small Doses. III. Radiation Modification of Zinc Oxide Surface


  • Yerevan State University, Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Yerevan, 375049, Armenia


The modification of ZnO surface properties using γ-radiation of small doses (D ∼ 102Gy) has been studied. The adsorption of stearic acid, triethylamine, phenylglycidylether, polyamide and polyepoxide type resins, the adsorption and desorption of water molecules on modified ZnO have been investigated.

The increase of their adsorption has been discussed assuming that under the action of small doses of radiation a reconstruction of hydrated-hydroxylated cover on ZnO surface occurs.

The important role of crystalline side-specificity has been shown. The radiation changes the microstructure of each side, e.g. (0001), (0001) (1010).


Zinc Oxide, Radiation Modification, Surface Properties, Dehydration and Dehydroxylation of Surface Layers, Crystalline Side-Specificity.

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