Study of the Interactions between Morrocan Oil Shale and Microemulsions Systems


  • Universite de Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, B.P. S.15, Morocco
  • Universite Louis Pasteur, 4, Laboratoire de Spectrometrie et d'Imagerie Ultrasonores, Unite de Recherche Associee au C.N.R.S. n°851, Strasbourg, 67070, France


Bitumen have been extracted from Morocco shales using microemulsions containing brine, butanol and toluene. The phase diagrams of the dispersions obtained have been established and the NMR spectra of the coexisting phases have been measured. Thermogravimetry experiments showed that these microemulsions are effective in extracting oil from tar shales.


Tar Shale, Microemulsion, Thermogravimetry, Pyrolysis.

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