The Microenvironment Properties of the Mixed Micelle of SPFO and CTAB


  • Tsinghua University, Department of Chemistry, Beijing, 100084, China


The properties of the SPFO-CTAB mixed micelle microenvironment were studied by use of fluorescence probe, ESM and NMR techniques. The DPH(1,6-diphenyl-1, 3.5-hexatriene) fluorescence probe reveals a low dielectric constant in the SPFO-CTAB micellar core, and the degree of its polarization increased in SPFO-CTAB mixed micelle, referring a high microviscosity to the micellar core. Using 5NS (5-DOXYL-stearic acid) labelled technique. ESR spectroscopy also reveals the increase of microviscosity of the mixed micelle. It was shown by 1H NMR and 19F NMR experiments that SPFO and CTAB formed mixed micelles and the fluorocarbon chain of SPFO had a strong interaction on the hydrocarban chain of CTAB, which suggested that a number of SPFO flurocarbon chains might penetrate the interior of CTAB micelle.


Microenvironment Properties, Mixed Micelle, Sodium Perfluoroctylate, CTAB, Fluorescence Probe, ESR, NMR.

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