Interfacial Interactions of Monoolein Langmuir Monolayers with Aqueous Salt Solutions


  • Department of Chemical Engineering, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology – Surat, Ichchhanath, Surat – 395007, Gujarat
  • Department of Chemical Engineering, Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology – Surat, Ichchhanath, Surat – 395007, Gujarat



Air-Water Interface, Langmuir Monolayer, Monoolein Lipid, Phase Transition, Salt subphases


Langmuir monolayer is a unique tool to characterize the interface which describes the properties of insoluble monolayer on the sub-phase. Langmuir monolayers have demonstrated the characteristics of many macromolecules as well as amphiphilic molecules at the air-water interface. We evaluated physiochemical characteristics of monoolein lipid Langmuir monolayers on different sub-phases. Interfacial behaviour of monoolein lipid was investigated using Wilhelmy plate pressure sensor technique to generate Langmuir isotherms to explore the effects of interactions with different sub-phases. Various salts alter the surface pressure of the Langmuir monolayer isotherms without the alteration of monolayer phase transitions. The finding of the present work can be effectively used for development of suitable biomedical formulations to offer sufficient strength of coating film with controlled topology and thickness using Langmuir-Blodgett film deposition technique. Addition of the suitable biocompatible ions in to the sub-phase is very crucial for their favourable interfacial interaction with the lipid molecules.


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