Friction and Adhesive Wear Study of Flame Sprayed Nickel Base Powder Coating


  • Gautam Buddha University, Department Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201312, India


Nickel base alloys are being widely used to improve the abrasive and adhesive wear resistance of various industrial components. In the present investigation, commercially available Ni-base (nickel-base) powder (MEC 1260) was used for coating deposition. The coating was deposited by flame spraying process. The microstructure of the flame sprayed coating mainly showed Ni-cells surrounded by eutectic. The Ni (nickel), Cr (chromium) and Fe (iron) were uniformly distributed in the coating while the distribution of boron was found along the grain boundaries. The Rockwell hardness of the coating was found as 56±8 (HRc). Sliding wear resistance of coating is 3-4 times higher than substrate.


Adhesive wear, Coefficient of friction, Flame sprayed, Hardness, Microstructure, Ni-base.

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