Design of Bridge Monitoring System based on IoT


  • NDMVPS's KBTCOE, Department of Computer Engineering, Nashik, Maharashtra, 411007, India
  • NDMVPS's KBTCOE, Department of Computer Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, 411007, India


Bridges may get collapsed or tilted due to flooding or some concrete problem, natural calamities. So there is a need to design a system which will continuously monitor condition of bridges. It is useful for public safety and reduction in human losses. Such system will help in disaster management and recovery. IoT-based bridge safety monitoring system is developed using the WSN Technology. This system is composed of: Monitoring devices installed in the bridge environment, communication devices connecting the bridge monitoring devices and the cloud based server, a dynamic database that stores bridge condition data, cloud based server calculates and analyzes data transmitted from the monitoring devices. This system can monitor and analyze in real time the condition of a bridge and its environment, including the water levels and other safety conditions. This paper presents a comprehensive survey of SHM using WSNs outlining and algorithm like damage detection and localization, network design challenges and future research direction.


Bridge Safety Monitoring, Internet of Things, Structural Health Monitoring, Wireless Sensor Network

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