Soil based Fertilizer Recommendation System using Internet of Things


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  • NDMVPS's KBTCOE, Computer Engineering, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422013, India


In India economy is mainly based on agriculture still we are not able to make it profitable and make sustainable use of our land resources7. Main reason is lack of knowledge regarding soil. There are many types of soil present and each type of soil has different characteristics. So it is necessary to test soil characteristics. There are different tools present for soil analysis, but these tools do not give accurate and desired result every time and also farmer needs to take pain of visiting laboratory for soil analysis. But it is very difficult to test all soil types in time from laboratory. Also tools which are present for soil analysis are not in regional language. Hence there is a need of tool to do soil analysis which can be made available to the farmer. The main objective of our work is to develop a soil based fertilizer recommendations system which can be used for regional soil analysis which in turn helps the farmers to cultivate and produce the proper crop. This tool will be in regional language so farmer can understand it easily.


Electrochemical Sensor, Fertilizer Recommendation, Raspberry pi, Soil Analysis, Soil Moisture Sensor

Subject Discipline

Computer Engineering

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