IoT (‘Connected Life’) and its Use in Different Applications: A Survey


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IoT or Internet of Things is a technology, that uses internet for controlling electronic, mechanical, automobiles and other physical devices connected to the internet. The Internet of Things makes use of intelligently connected devices and systems to leverage data gathered by embedded sensors, actuators in machines and other physical objects. Now a day, IoT is spreading rapidly which is very useful to improve the quality of life. IoT smartly connects the things virtually to enhance the life with the help of artificial intelligence, algorithms and collection of data. Day by day, IoT Devices are becoming cheaper, smaller and powerful over time, so it is more flexible to use for different applications. IoT can include hardware components like different wearable devices, desktops, tablets, cellphones and software components like data collection, device integration, real time analytics, application and process extensions. IoT can be used for different purposes like industry, engineering and infrastructure, home and office, government and safety, health and medicine. IoT can also be used for checking air and water pollution, extreme weather, commercial farming etc. This paper focuses on IoT and its uses for different applications.


Actuators, Internet of Things (IoT), Physical Devices, Sensors, Wearable Devices

Subject Discipline

Information Technology

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