Use of E-resources by Users of Yuvaraja College: University of Mysore - A Study


  • University of Mysore, Mysore, Karnataka, India
  • University of Mysore, DOS in LISc, Mysore, Karnataka, India
  • University of Mysore, University Library, Mysore, Karnataka, India
  • Mysore university library, Mysore, India


The study aimed at finding the use of e-resources by the research scholars and faculty including guest faculty in the University of Mysore. 110 questionnaires distributed randomly and 82 filled-in questionnaires were received back with a moderate response rate 90%. The results show that e-resources are most important for scientific communication and research work. The library should also conduct brain storming workshop to help adapt to the new technology that often gets outdated.


Academic Institution, Electronic Resources, Scientific Communication, Use.

Subject Discipline

Library Management

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