Effect of Leaf Surface Mycoflora on Growth and Multiplication of Neovossia indica


Phylloplanc mycoflora isolated from four wheat varieties viz., Arjun, WL 711, Sunalika and HD 2285 showed no variation among themselves. Out of 19 fungi isolated, three pruvcd to he antagonistic to Neovossia indica (Mitra) Mundkur. In dual culture, Aspergillus Iliger v. TieghenL,Gliocladium virens Miller et al and Tricllmierma viride Pers. ex Fr. hyperparasitized and lysed the colonies of N. indica. Cell-free culture filtrate of these fungi reduced the germination of tcliospors as well as sporidia.


Leaf Mycoflora, Interaction, Neovossia indica, Antagonists, Wheat Varieties.

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