Efficacy of Trichoderma viride in Controlling the Loose Smut of Wheat Caused by Ustilago segetum Var. Tritici at Multilocation


  • Wheat Research (ICAR), Karnal, Haryana, 132001, India
  • IARI RS, India
  • IARI, New Delhi, India
  • GBPUAT, India
  • CCSHAU, Hisar, India
  • PAU, Ludhiana, India


The application of Trichoderma viride on loose smut infected seeds (Ustilago segetum var. tritici) or in soil, reduced the smutted tillers up to 17.5 per cent. However, treatment of T. viride alone was not as effective as carboxin seed treatment in the control of loose smut. Maximum reduction was observed in dry seed treatment with antagonist as well as seed treatment plus soil application. The effect of T. viride was more prominent in the seed lot having lower level of loose smut infection. Application of T. viride along with half dose of carboxin was however. found as effective as full recommended dose of carboxin (2.5 g/kg of seed). Soaking of seeds in tap water for 24h also reduced tbe incidence of loose smut by 15.4 per cent.


Biocontrol, Loose Smut, Trichoderma viride, Uslilago segetumvar.Tritici..

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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