Multilocation Evaluation of Induced Mutants and Soma Clones of Plectranthus barbatus Andrews (=Coleus forskohlii (Wild) Briq.) on Growth, Yield Quality Parameters


  • UAS, Division of Horticulture, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops Section, Bangalore, India


Evaluation of the mutants and soma clones under different location helped in identifying superior mutants for different morphological, yield and quality parameter. Mean values of six environments indicated that Mutant MV7 recorded significantly maximum plant height, number of branches (71.63 cm; 48.23) which was superior over all other mutants and check variety K-8. For yield & quality parameters also mutant MV7 has recorded maximum tuberous root length (29.17 cm), maximum fresh & dry tuberous root weight (666.81 g; 177.94 g, respectively) and produced maximum forskolin content (0.76%). Among locations, Bangalore location was more favorable for expression of maximum plant height, number of branches, number of leaves and leaf area at harvest (180 days) with mean value (67.73 cm; 48.34; 791.22 & 10465.75 cm2, respectively) followed by Shimoga and Mandya. When yield parameters are considered, Bangalore location more favoured for maximum production of number of tuberous roots (17.83), tuberous root length (27.52 cm), root diameter (2.70 cm), fresh tuberous root weight (556.53 g) and dry tuberous root weight (143.77 g) & forskolin content (0.78 %). The superior mutant MV7 was released as a variety "AISIRI" by State varietal release committee. Further, the mutant was also sent for registration to NBPGRI, New Delhi and a National ID-IC-547017 is also obtained and conserved at the Germplasm Conservation Centre, NBPGRI, New Delhi.


Plectranthus barbatus Andrews, Mutants, Somaclones, Multilocation, Forskolin, AISIRI Variety.

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Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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